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Do you feel the need to use eye drops to relieve your eyes because they are dry and irritated or burn and sting? You may have dry eyes that can be treated so that they look whiter and brighter and have less irritation.

Today with the ever-increasing demands of computers, laptops, tablets, and phones, more people experience eye dryness and redness than ever before.  Eye drops may offer a temporary solution, however, many people can become reliant on them.   If you are becoming reliant on tear substitutes, there probably are reasons underlying your dry eye status that require identifying.   To establish the root of the problem, our doctors will evaluate your status to determine if your problem is mild, moderate or severe and guide your steps to reduce your eye dryness problem.

Announcing the Dry Eye Clinic at Eye Contact!

The latest scientific evidence shows that a series of tests with specialized instruments and a stepwise treatment plan is the best approach to treating dry eye.   It all starts with your annual eye examination.  A recent study found 42% of all eye examinations contained at least one symptom of dry eye problems.

Let’s start with your symptoms. The specific symptoms you may have regarding eye dryness will lead your doctor to perform a basic test to determine if a further work-up would be helpful in evaluating your dry eye status. 

The TearLab Osmolarity Test Card, in conjunction with the TearLab Osmolarity System, provides a quick and simple method for determining tear osmolarity using nanoliter (nL) volumes of tear fluid collected directly from the eyelid margin. The Test Card is held by the Osmolarity Test Pen.

With Tearlab, our doctors at Eye Contact can quickly determine if your eye irritation is due to eye dryness by utilizing the Tearlab osmolarity test.  If your symptoms are confirmed with a high number from the Tearlab instrument, you can find out more by scheduling a dry eye workup with more specialized testing.  Talk with your doctor at your eye examination about discovering the root of the problem and taking the steps necessary to alleviate your symptoms.